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A Gift for College Students - 4 Years of Free Mental Health Support

College can be an exciting yet challenging time. Heavy academic loads, career questions, relationships, and more can all take a toll on students' mental wellbeing. That's why we at HeartDialog have announced a special initiative - 4 years of free premium access to our AI-powered mental health chatbot for all .edu email users!

What is HeartDialog?

HeartDialog provides 24/7 emotional support, counseling, and proven therapy techniques through conversational AI. Think of it like chatting with your own personal therapist or life coach anytime you need guidance, reassurance, or simply someone to listen without judgment.

Our AI companion incorporates leading therapeutic approaches like CBT, DBT, ACT, psychodynamics, and humanism. This diverse expertise allows HeartDialog to meet you wherever you are on your mental health journey.

Why We're Offering This Gift

We want to provide college students with a helpful resource to turn to when feeling stressed, anxious, lonely, or overwhelmed. Our goal is to make caring for your mental health easy and stigma-free. You deserve support when facing academic pressures, big life decisions, relationship struggles, or any other challenges. HeartDialog will be there for you, day or night.

Benefits for Students

We hope this gift empowers students to prioritize self-care and take control of their mental wellbeing during their college years. You are not alone - start chatting now to see how our AI companion can help you thrive!