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With the accelerated pace of life, many people face pressures at work, home and in relationships, yet struggle to open up about their true thoughts. AI mental health product HeartDialog has launched a new anonymous community feature where you can share your stories and get expert advice.

In this judgement-free environment, you can get guidance from therapists of different approaches like CBT, ACT, DBT without worrying about privacy. By sharing your experiences, supporting others, you'll find you're not alone.

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One of the hottest topics in the HeartDialog community recently is kids not wanting to go to school. Parents pour out stories of children being lazy, refusing or avoiding schoolwork, and their own anxiety and helplessness. Counselors have provided many professional insights, like using positive encouragement instead of punishment, finding the root causes of school avoidance etc.

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There are many more such stories, where you can feel that your difficulties are also others' difficulties, and everyone is struggling and growing in the waves of life. We'll continue to enrich community content, striving to build an inclusive, warm and positive environment.

When you need a listener, there are people here who understand and support you. Welcome to HeartDialog, where you can find your own voice together with millions of users in this community!