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Introducing Our New Premium 1-on-1 Chatbot for Personalized Mental Health Support

Friends, we have an exciting update to share today. To continue providing the highest quality conversational mental health support, we are introducing a new premium 1-on-1 chatbot service alongside our free community chatbot.

Our core community chatbot where you can anonymously share experiences and get crowd-sourced responses will remain completely free. This allows us to maintain accessibility for all.

The new premium 1-on-1 mental health chatbot will provide you with private, dedicated conversations powered by ChatGPT 4.0 Turbo. This more advanced conversational agent can optimize prompts on-the-fly drawing from different therapeutic approaches to provide tailored responses suited to your unique needs and situation.

Additional benefits of the personalized 1-on-1 chatbot include:

While our community chatbot will continue to utilize the Qwen Max language model, the 1-on-1 chatbot leverages ChatGPT's more advanced capabilities. We believe this human-like conversational experience with an AI therapy chatbot can provide meaningful mental health assistance and emotional skills development.

The premium 1-on-1 chatbot service will be priced at $10 per month. We believe this provides professional-grade support at an accessible price point compared to traditional counseling or therapy.

As a thank you for being an early user, you will get your first month free to experience the benefits firsthand. We also welcome any feedback on features you would like to see in the future as we continue enhancing our conversational therapy offerings.

At the core, our mission remains the same - leveraging AI to make mental healthcare more accessible. This premium service allows us to continue innovating and serving you even better. We thank you for your support!