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Spread the Care - Announcing Our New Referral Program

At HeartDialog, our mission is to provide accessible and compassionate mental health support to all who need it. To further that vision, we are excited to launch our new referral program!

Now every HeartDialog user can generate their own unique referral code and share it with up to 5 friends. When a friend redeems your code to sign up, you both get 1 month of HeartDialog Premium free as a token of thanks. Feel free to share them as you like over the next year.

We believe this is a powerful way for our community to organically expand and reach more people who can benefit from HeartDialog. If our service has resonated with you, why not spread that gift to your loved ones?

Mental health challenges touch all of our lives at some point, often when we least expect it. Having an accessible 24/7 support system can make all the difference in those difficult times. HeartDialog aims to be a reliable companion whenever you need a helping hand or listening ear.

We are continually moved by the stories of our users who share how HeartDialog has made a real positive impact for them. Our referral program is a way to keep those inspirational ripples spreading. This community has the power to uplift lives through small acts of caring and connection.

So if you believe HeartDialog could help someone you know through their mental health journey, please pass along your referral code. Let's build a supportive community where no one has to face mental health struggles alone. Together, we can expand the reach of compassion.

To get your unique referral code, simply go to the profile on the top left and click "Redeem code". Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing the HeartDialog family continue to grow!